Maltrade Policy

International Service through Industry
Our purpose shall be not to gain wealth nor to display industrial strength, but to the progress and welfare of the community and the world

We shall be fair and just in all our business and individual dealings. Without this spirit no man can win respect nor can he respect himself no matter how wise or capable he may be.

Harmony and Cooperation
Alone we are weak together we are strong. We shall work together as a family in mutual trust and responsibility. An association of talented men is but an unruly mob unless each member is imbued with this spirit.

Struggle for Betterment
It shall be our policy to encourage trust and self-reliance that each may gain self-respect through his own endeavor and to struggle hard for betterment. Without this spirit, true peace and progress cannot be achieved.

Courtesy and humility
We shall respect the rights of others. We shall be cordial and modest. We shall praise and encourage freely. Without this spirit there is no social order.

Adjustment and Assimilation
Progress cannot be achieved unless we adjust to the ever-changing conditions around us. As the world moves forward, we must keep in step.

We shall repay the kindness of our associates, our community, our nation, and our foreign friends with gratitude. This spirit of gratitude will give us peace, joy and unlimited strength to overcome all difficulties.

We respect your privacy

  • All information you provide will be kept absolutely confidential and used solely in terms of our practice.
  • It is your choice to submit your e-mail and company information at the end. However, you need to submit your company information
    if you would like to be contacted as urgently as possible. You also need to submit your email information to secure you receive the results.
  • Your email address will be used only for future communication concerning any prospective transaction, and for sending you the results. Absolutely it will not be used to sell or promote anything else to you.
  • We will not disclose any of your information to any third party.
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